Know Why the price of Your Insurance Premiums are expensive or cheap

Having life insurance is strongly recommended by financial planners to the circles be the breadwinner and has a dependent soul. Buying life insurance into a family’s financial risk management measures.When later the breadwinner dies, then the sum assured can be melted and used

When later the breadwinner dies, then the sum assured can be melted and used by the beneficiary to continue their lives. Good for everyday living expenses and school fees dependents.Life insurance or term life is quite cheap as well as risk management options. In today’s market is still pure life insurance product available aka term life cost premiums below Rp 5 million per year and the sum assured over USD 1 billion.

If you already have a mortgage but don’t have life insurance, it’s good you start considering buying such products to financial risk management.

Because the more you grow in age, chances are the price or life insurance premiums you have to pay would be more expensive. Here are some of the factors that determine the price level life insurance premiums:

  1. Age of insured

The age of the insured to determine a price premium of life insurance. This relates to the age of death statistics. All insurance companies pocketed statistics about the age of life expectancy which they determine a large premium.

The younger the age of the insured when the insurance contract meneken, chances are the premiums payable are also cheaper.

Someone with age above 40 years of age the possibility of having to pay life insurance premiums are more expensive than an insured 30-year-old.

Even some insurance companies do not require a medical examination to the prospective insured when your age when buying insurance policies, still under 30 years old.


  1. active Smokers

If you are an active smoker and wish to purchase life insurance, premiums are more expensive than exposed to those who do not smoke.

The majority of insurance companies argued those who smoke have the risk of disease and death greater than who do not smoke.


  1. Health history

Health became one of the important factors that affect a person’s risk of death little big. When a person has a history of bad health, had suffered severe pain, the cost oflife insurance premiums to pay can be more expensive.


  1. Type of work

This type of work also rated has a large donation on small risk of death. When youwork in a field with a high risk of accidents and death such as mines, oil fields, aviators, Your insurance premiums can be very expensive.


  1. The value of the sum assured

The larger the sum assured you need, the more expensive anyway you have to pay a premium. Thus, in calculating the bijaksanalah life insurance coverage needs. Customize to your needs and the level of inflation so that its value is appropriate.


  1. Contract period policy

Contracts of life insurance policy is available from the short term to 20 years. Choose a 5-year contract and 20 years will give the difference also on the load the premium you have to pay.

Select contract period the policy as needed, namely when it comes to time dependents you can already independent.


For example, your current oldest child was 10 years. The common assumption, at the age of 23, your child can already independent. Then, you can simply purchase the insurance policy contract for 13 years. No need to buy the insurance policy contract ofup to 20 years.


Congratulations to protect yourself and your beloved family with life insurance.



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