10 of the best insurance companies, popular and most successful in the world

10 of the best insurance companies, popular and most successful in the world


Insurance companies are increasingly getting popular. They continue to echo the call to join. We promised not to feel concerned at a future and all the uncertainty that it brings.

The company provides a wide range of policies on clients related risks are likely to occur. Here’s how by providing paid or premium routine that’s been determined. As for the types of insurance offered is indeed various. Ranging from life insurance, health, education, etc.

  1. Nippon Life Insurance


From his name, we can already guess if this company comes from Japan, in Osaka. They stand on behalf of Nippon Life Insurance Co. Ltd. on July 4, 1889. People also often referred to them as Nissan or Nihon Seimei.

Companies that are already quite senior is becoming one of the leading in the world. Kunie Okamoto appeared as its CEO. Under his leadership, the company is still the largest shareholder of listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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The public gives its own nicknames on them, i.e. as a company that is believed to be ongoing and chosen by the customer. Clients can specify the scope of the insurance. Whether it is life insurance, whole life, hospitalization, etc. Their assets made up entirely of $521 billion, while income amounting to $61 billion.

  1. Prudential PLC


“Prudential Mutual Assurance Investment and Loan Association” started operations in 1848. Original United Kingdom multinational corporation was founded as an organization of disaster protection. They are now transformed into the financial services companies that are already well-known.

Although the name is the same as saying “Prudential”, the company has no special relation with Prudential Financial, Inc. and they are headquartered in the United Kingdom and Wales. In the region of origin, the company providing the life insurance and pension funds to its customers. While in Asia, they offer life insurance. The branch in Asia exists in Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, etc.

Mike Wells became Chief Executive of the company. The market is already covering Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It appears that they also continued to expand into the area of Africa. From existing data, they have about 24 million client base. Own its assets amounted to $570 billion, and earnings acquired i.e. $61 billion.


  1. Generali


Generali also became one of the senior insurance company. They’ve been plugging his influence from the year 1831. Generali also became the largest in Italy. Its headquarters there in Trieste, Italy.

The company’s CEO position occupied by Gabriele Galateri di Genola. The range of the company has been widened. They are also reaching out to Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia. By 2015, the company name entered in the list of “most intelligent Organization” version of Fortune magazine.

Their operations are already up to more than 60 countries. So we can imagine how many clients they serve, as well as the magnitude of the company’s infusion. His earnings estimates reached $100 billion. As for the assets accumulated there is $543 billion.


  1. Prudential Financial


If Prudential is headquartered in the United States. At Newark, New Jersey. They are also so, so get in on the “Fortune 500 organizations list” and the “Fortune Global 500”.

John f. Dryden founded the Prudential Financial in 1875. Now his CEO role performed by John Strangfeld. They’ve been doing business operations in more than 30 countries. Component of their business also includes the protection of businesses such as mutual funds, old age allowance, pension funds, as well as related ground effort.

It appears that this Organization continues to grow, given the movement is increasingly active and positive. In the list “2016” world’s Most Admired Company “version of Fortune magazine, Prudential Financial to become the best insurance companies in the classification of life and health. They’ve been collecting assets amounted to$757 billion, and its revenue was $57 billion.


  1. Japan Post Holdings (insurance)


Companies based in Tokyo is arguably still a new player. They started its business activities on October 1, 2007. They operate under the direction of the CEO, Masami Ishii.

Although he is a newbie, their performance is indeed ought to be appreciated.Proven by the end of 2011 — the 70s, Japan Post Holdings became the top 4 as insurance agents. Three other companies come from Europe. Two years later, the company came through to 13 in the list of “Fortune Global 500”.

Resounding achievements they obtained indicate if the client is indeed great put trust. Income reached $79 billion. To own assets, they had $677 billion.


  1. ING Group


Next comes from insurance companies Amsterdam, Netherlands. Abbreviated company name itself speaking in Netherlands, “Internationale Nederlanden Group”. Based on data in 2013, ING Group already serves individual clients or agencies are spread across more than 40 countries.

At the beginning of his appearance in 1743, the name of the company masihlah “doondenbos Kooger”. Until the later merger with the NMB Postbank Groep. And in 1991, no matter its name was changed to ING. Now Ralph Hamers who serves as its CEO.

The name of the company makes it easy to establish the magnitude of the cooperation with other business units that are not less great. Call it Guardian, Alliance of Canada, Wrllington, ReliaStar, etc. They rake in revenue is quite large, reaching $56 billion. While overall assets are $914 billion.


  1. MetLife


On March 24, 1868, the insurance company is born and headquartered in New York City, United States. Steven a. Kandarian became President, Chairman, and CEO of the company. Its operations include latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, etc.

Estimation of existing clients in more than 60 countries amounting to about 90 million clients. In the year 2015 yesterday, MetLife became champions in their list of the “world’s Most Admired Company” for the category of lifestyle and health of Fortune magazine. Their assets are so high, reaching $877 billion. While his income i.e. amounting to $70 billion.


  1. Ping AN


The giant company Origin China slowly give great influence also on world class. They start standing out in 1988. Its headquarters there in Guangdong, Shenzhen, China.

Ping AN is now under the direction of its CEO, or Ma Mingzhe. In addition to China, the Centre of other companies exists in foreign countries, Hong Kong. The development of the company so quickly. They have hundreds of millions of clients. No doubt if its revenue figures touched $107 billion, and assets that amounted to $733 billion.

  1. AXA


Claude Bebear founded the company “Mutuelle de L’assurance centre L’incendie” in1817. But now the name is long enough it is better known as AXA. Given a very old age, AXA mentioned as surviving protection companies and rich experience.

In 1985, the name was changed to AXA. They operate in the territory of Western Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East. The company offers the protection of life, property, health, etc. for individual clients or groups. In the year 2016, they received the honor as “Trusted Merchant” class Gold version Feefo. For the company’s own income, AXA acquired a total of $107 billion. While for its assets, they successfully raise funds amounting to $963 billion.


  1. Berkshire Hathaway


Its leader, Warren Buffet, became one of the richest people in the world. Of course, he leads any company that so large and influential. If in the various rating various versions of this, insurance companies must exist in the top 5.

Tracing back, Oliver Chace established a company in 1839. Its main office is in Omaha, United States. Now Warren Buffet became President and CEO. The company keeps its business wing expanded. They move in a variety of fields. No matter the business associates are not less flashy. Call it IBM and Coca Cola

In the Forbes Global 2000 list, unmitigated, these corporations are second at # 5. “Standard and poor’s Corporation” even gave the value of AAA. Likewise, with A.M. Best gives A + + for them. Do not startle if total income figures are pierced $211billion. Then there is the overall assets to $552 billion.

In addition to the total income and assets owned, the company could have its own plus the value of with the name of the great influence


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